People with integrity behave in an honest, trustworthy manner. People take pride in their work, give their best efforts, reflect on results..


Actively participating with others in sharing information and ideas towards a common goal.


Respectful people have confidence in their own identity and acknowledge, understand, and support the rights of others.


Taking responsibility and accountability for the content and processes of decisions made, actions are taken, and the resulting outcomes.


In the pursuit of excellence, people take pride in their work, give their best efforts, persevere, reflect on results, and have the courage to apply this new understanding to subsequent tasks.


We understand that honesty is the best policy and the best currency to build and sustain any relationship. Our values and principals are also build around honesty.


To provide all B.V. Sonvalkar Schools students with innovative learning opportunities that engage, Ignite, and challenge them, we believe the following about student learning:

To support our students in taking control of their own future through service, citizenship, scholarship, and personal responsibility, B.V. Sonvalkar School is committed to the following: