A WARM AND FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT : which is conducive to learning ensured by ambience which is colourful and child friendly; packed with fun things to do. Hippocampus Centres are warm, open spaces chosen and enhanced to make children want to come to ‘school’. The furniture, wall-painting, charts and other on-display learning material are arranged to make for an unrestricted and friendly learning environment.

A TEACHER-CHILD RATIO of 1 : 30 : Each teacher works with not more than 30 children.This, combined with the freedom of movement that the Hippocampus space provides, gives every child the individual attention needed and un-restricted exploration vital to self-learning.

OUR CONFIDENCE-BOOSTING ACTIVITIES : Circle Time, Expression Time, Stage speaking and Show-and-Tell, all encourage children and give them the space and time to express themselves. Group work goes a long way in building confidence in the children.

THE CLASSROOMS : The classrooms are colorful spaces packed with materials, charts and learning games. Teachers use materials to explain concepts instead of relying solely on the ‘Chalk and Talk’ method. An attractive, engaging and exciting environment of our school makes it a place children love to come to.

NCERT BASED PROGRAM : The program is based on NCERT which is the standard recommended by CBSE and is use at all the KV and Navodaya schools in the country. The NCERT curriculum ensures that our children follow recognized curriculum and are able to compete at the highest level of proficiency.

DETAILED LESSON PLANS : The curriculum team of experts has followed internationally accepted scientific practices to design and develop lesson plans that make it easy for the teachers to deliver the subject in the classroom. This ensures quality and consistency in teaching across our classrooms.

HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT : Significant focus is provided for all round development of children. The curriculum includes co-scholastic activities, and detailed lesson plans are available for PE, art, music and dance.

VALUE EDUCATION : Value education is integrated in our lessons. Teachers are sensitized on making children aware of positive values. Our children imbibe strong life skills and values, which can continue into adulthood. This enables children to build positive values in life.

INTEGRATED CLASS WORK AND HOMEWORK : The lesson plans are child-centric in content and pedagogy and are on par with international standards in terms of methodology, learning outcome and all-round development of the child. Our lesson plans have pre-designed activity sheets, project sheets and homework for every unit. This ensures complete integration of the teaching, class work and homework .

DIFFERENTIAL LEARNING : There are 3 streams in every classroom, the Fast and gifted learners are in the HONOURS stream, the slow learners in the REMEDIAL stream and the rest of the class is in the STANDARD stream.