Admission Process

1. Please collect the Admission Form cum Prospectus from the School — Costs Rs.500/-

2. Submit the filled In form along with the documents mentioned below, between 9, a.m. and 5.00 p.m. at the Front Office, Monday to Saturday. Kindly ensure that the h° Admission Form is complete in all respects.

3. Confirmation of Admissions will be given to parents by phone/E-mail/Sms. pare, are requested to visit the school & complete the formalities.

4. Admissions will be confirmed on receipt of the fee payable at the time of admission. No cash payments will be accepted. All the payments should be made through D.D/ Cheques in favor of school payable at Mudalgi only.

5. Age eligibility criteria for admission to BVS Public School, Mudalgi is detailed below.

 * Nursery b/w 2 Years 10 Months and 3 Years 10 Months.

 * LKG b/w 3 Years 10 Months and 4 Years 10 Months. 

 * UKG b/w 4 years 10 Months and 5 Years 10 Months. 

 * Class, I b/w 5 Years 10 Months and 6Years 10 Months. 

list of Required Documents:

 1. 8 passport size black & white photographs

 2. Copy of Birth Certificate 

 3. Copy of Immunization Card/ Report 

 4. T.C. with STS Number (In-case of School Transfers)

 5. Aadhar Card


1. If a student wishes to leave the school, a month’s notice must be given for withdrawal and a transfer certificate will be issued after the “No due” Certificate is produced.

 2. Application for Transfer Certificate should reach the school office before 31st March of the academic year. Any further delay would entail payment of 1st Term fees in order to get a T.C.