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B.V. Sonvalkar Public School

Every youngster grows in an unexpected way. At BVS, we comprehend this impeccably and give our young students the perfect learning condition where they are not restricted by anything in their undertakings to learn.We envision a world in which irrespective of social-economic background, every child has access to equal opportunity & every child is born unique. B.V.Sonvalkar offers high-quality education right from the nursery.

Focusing on creating next generation kids

Our school focus on building culturally-rooted global citizens who embody these seven values and skills, namely COMMUNICATION, CARING, CULTURAL APPRECIATION, CRITICAL THINKING, CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT.

We believe that through these values and skills our children will become aware of themselves and their surroundings to think creatively and critically to empathize with and solve the challenges in the world around them in a collaborative environment.

Community Engagement

In treating the class,school,and the village as our micro-community….

Cultural Appreciation

Ability to respect our heritage and appreciate a different culture.


Being empathetic to the world around us and creating a culture of care….

Critical thinking

Developing a problem-solving mindset


B.V.Sonvalkar School takes academics and discipline seriously and that helps take the burden off the parent's shoulders of bringing the child up at home.
Mrs. And Mr. Kulkarni
I am very happy with our decision to entrust B.V.Sonvalkar School, with our daughter's schooling.The kids have a rich and vibrant exposure to both academics and culture.
Mrs. And Mr.Murkatnal

You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our school is constantly evolving and growing. Our mission is to provide wide range of quality services that helps everyone.

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